Who in the world has the most power and leverage? Would US Government qualify for a title?
No doubt.

What is the top priority “project” US Government has?
Would war in middle east quality? I think so!

When there is a person criticizing US Gov on what is going on in middle east, what tactic US Gov first will use (with all the options that are available to them)?

Would you ever guesses “Reputation Smear Campaign”?

Check out today’s New York Times article “Ex-Spy Alleges Bush White House Sought to Discredit Critic

Wait a minute. The world’s biggest power. The top priority project. Someone small stands in the way. And reputation smear campaign is what is used (out of myriad of options)?! Yep.

Reputation it that powerful!

Hopefully this at least makes you stop for half a second and you see a bit more clearly why your reputation so important.

US Gov and CIA does. You should too!