I don’t know how to express my gratitude. When a man’s name very similar to my own began appearing on sexual offender lists, I was horrified, so was the Bishop, and the members of my congregation weren’t well pleased either. But thanks to Mark, all is well, and my congregation is again happy.

– Father Albert D. in Ohio

Out of the blue, I was sued by a competitor, with wild claims of fraud, theft, slander, libel, and five other outrageous charges. He hired his web guy to set up a new website citing all my alleged “misdeeds” as if they were true. He broadcast emails to his client base. Things looked grim. (In fact, the case was eventually settled with *him* paying *me* to settle, because the entire fabrication became abundantly clear to the judge.) But in the meantime, customers were waltzing away fast. But thanks to quick action by ReputationMojo, the “eternal damnation” on the internet has drifted away like stage-magic smoke. Thank you!

– Richard C. in California

As small business owners, my wife and I were the targets of a nasty internet smear campaign, due to an unhinged customer. (Later committed.) We were terrified. I called Mark from ReputationMojo this last fall, and within 38 days, the damaging forum posts, blog comments, and several other online defamatory items were no longer visible. We also got some great new positive items, and our own little website actually rose in Google results!

– John and Catherine J. in Vermont

Actually, I thought I had little to worry me about the negative publicity, but I knew it would hurt our sales over time, so I spoke with ReputationMojo. What I learned chilled me, and I hired them on the spot. Now the funny thing is that not only did the negative items fade into the far distance of search results, but our own presence online was greatly strengthened. I didn’t realize it would help our sales so much, but sales were up 17% quarter before last, and we attribute it to the improvement in our online presence. Thank you Mark!

– Tony D. in Texas